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RUZIVO Trust is the place of knowledge on land, livelihoods and development in Zimbabwe. Our name means knowledge in the Zimbabwean vernacular of Shona and Lwazi in Sindebele. We are an organization that values local knowledge on sustainable livelihoods and aim to use varied knowledge systems as a basis for addressing the challenges that communities face.

Who we are

Ruzivo developed from a small research project founded in 2003 as the New Resettlement Areas Research Group (NRARG). This was a collaboration of Zimbabwean renowned scientists and civic community practitioners with a special interest on land and livelihoods issues. The loose network’s mission was to promote sustainable livelihoods and socio-economic development in the new resettlement areas through research aimed at a deeper understanding of the evolution of the government land reform and resettlement programme.

A key objective of the network which continues to this day, was to pool information on various aspects relating to the new resettlements including technical, environmental, social and cultural factors. The knowledge generated was expected to make a contribution to some of the following:

  • Providing knowledge to help government and other stakeholders in the land resettlement programme;
  • Policy formulation and development for use by both state and non-state actors;
  • Providing information for better marketing of produce through information provision, market intelligence and networking;
  • Evidence based interventions that will ensure better livelihoods at local and national
  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement in livelihoods issues

The original network has evolved since 2003 to be a key player on land reform and agrarian discourse(s) based on the research work done. The original research sites, dating back to 2004 were Mazowe and Shamva districts in Mashonaland Central Province.

In 2008, the programme was restructured with expanded research activities in Mazowe district in Mashonaland Central, while a new site, Mangwe district in Matabeleland South Province was incorporated. This was a research partnership with the Institute of Rural Technologies (IRT) based in Bulawayo.

The network now forming the core of the Access and Rights Programme (ARP) at RUZIVO has grown in terms of the breadth and depth of its research and policy engagement work, human capacity, intellectual capital, including networks at local, national and international levels.


What we do

Ruzivo Trust is the place of knowledge and best practices on land, agriculture and livelihoods in Zimbabwe. We are an organization that values local knowledge on sustainable livelihoods and aim to use knowledge as a basis for addressing the challenges that face communities. Ruzivo Trust is a platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge on livelihoods through coordinating such knowledge in the epistemic and practising communities from local, national and international levels. We seek to work with others to find people driven solutions to developmental challenges.  We learn from others and share best practices and populate the same for the benefit of the masses.

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