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Skills and Capacity Development Programme

The research under the Livelihoods Innovation and Development Programme (LIDP) anchors this capacity development programme. Our capacity enhancement efforts are carried out at district level in selected sites where we have partnership agreements with Rural District Councils and Government departments. At this point in time, Zimbabwe is in greatest need of re-skilling in the agricultural sector as a key pillar for economic success. Other key areas include gender sensitisation, HIV and AIDS and livelihoods. Through linking with other stakeholders, our Skills and Capacity Development initiatives also address livelihoods in the broadest sense. We use a range of conventional and appropriate training tools, including mentorship at all levels of our training.

Our Objectives

  • To equip farmers with skills to gather adequate information necessary for engaging in livelihoods and agricultural production.
  • To ensure that communities gain basic understanding of livelihoods and commercial production and marketing of agricultural produce.
  • To link farmers with the public and private institutions and organisations in the agricultural value chain, and
  • To interact with communities to identify and address knowledge gaps.

Methods of Delivery

  • Addressing skills and training needs as identified by partners,
  • Clientele-driven training with mobilization of external exports where necessary, and
  • Conventional and adult learning approaches, underpinned by practical exercises.

Principles of Delivery

  • Principles of subsidiary to strengthen lower level institutions,
  • Using locally generated and relevant external knowledge as the basis of training, and
  • Bias towards women in all training programmes.

RUZIVO values in SCDP:

  • Responsibility: of the organisation and trainees,
  • Integrity: highest standards and quality in delivery,
  • Equality: equity in skills delivery,
  • Forward thinking: preparing communities to become more resilient to shocks,
  • Empowerment: equipping the poor is a key motive in all our capacity development work.
  • No knowledge superiority: Ruzivo comes from a tradition that we all learn from someone, and that we are in a perpetual state of learning. No one has greater knowledge than everybody,
  • Non prescriptive: we believe in the power of shared knowledge and responsibility at all levels of our training interventions;
  • Collectivism: multi-sectorial approach in the sense that we can do more and better together than as individuals.

Current projects

Farming as a Business

farming-as-a-businessRuzivo Trust is facilitating the soyabean project which commenced towards the end of 2012. The project is a collaborative effort bringing together 40 lead smallholder producers, the private sector and government actors. The objectives include increasing the skills and capacity to produce high quality produce (i.e. soyabean) in sufficient quantities that can be sold at competitive prices on domestic and international markets among smallholder producers. To this end, Olivine Industries and Windmill provided technical support to identified lead farmers for the production of soyabeans marketed to Olivine Industries in the 2013 marketing season. The Agricultural Technical and Extension Services have also provided support in delivering requisite chainwide soyabean training to the producers. Ruzivo Trust seeks to strengthen private-sector engagement with smallholders producers in the support of production and marketing of identified crops through contract farming and at the same time reduce marginalization of smallholder producers beyond the production node of various agro-food chains.

Women empowerment in FFV

women-empowermentThe Fresh Fruit and Vegetable (FFV) survey results in Mazowe and Goromonzi district, demonstrated opportunities that women can take in developing an entrepreneurial spirit in production and marketing. Training and capacity building, as well as investing in infrastructure were regarded as key. In Goromonzi district, Ruzivo has identified 20 community builders to embark on populating the FFV value chain support from 2013. The community builders spearhead dissemination of best practices in production and marketing of FFV in wards 1-4. The project provides training and field demonstrations that draw the interest of other smallholder farmers.


  • To increase awareness and interest in the FFV sector as potentially lucrative for farmers who participate in a guided manner.
  • To conduct FFV demonstrations across strategic crops identified as high-income earners in the FFV domestic and export markets.
  • To provide platforms for community collective action in increasing productivity for organic FFV produce and adoption of entrepreneurial skills in marketing of the produce.
  • To share knowledge on FFV production and marketing.

Project reach: the project directly impact 80 farmers while the ripple effect at community level mean that at least 400 farmers are reached indirectly.

Implementation mechanism: the monitoring and follow-up visits will be coordinated by the SCDP project officer in liaison with local extension officers.

Expected outputs:

  • Eliminating the use of chemicals in production of FFV, through making farmers aware of alternatives.
  • Ward level training session held on FFV organic production and entrepreneurship.
  • Mobilization of private and government extension to deliver training.
  • Increased uptake of FFV production and marketing among communities.


  • Increased awareness of benefits of FFV production and marketing for smallholder producers, such as marketing chemical free products.
  • Women adopting business approach to commercial marketing of FFV.
  • Strengthened coordination among smallholder producers to create a win-win for producers and other FFV chain actors e.g. retailers, transporters, processors.
  • Enhanced understanding of FFV value chain processes among smallholder producers.

Career Mentorship Programme

Ruzivo Trust endeavors to share evidence and knowledge from its different programmes for greater impact. Across all programmes, we provide access to research findings and opportunities for students at various levels of their academic and career development to participate in some of our research activities. Student interns from local universities (e.g. Midlands State University, National University of Science and Technology, University of Zimbabwe) are attached for at least one year for work related learning. Masters students and PhD candidates from local and international universities also come on board at different stages of their programmes to build on specific research areas aligned to our programmes.

Organisation development

Ruzivo Trust assists organisations in structuring their organisations at different periods of their existence. Much of the support to organisations, is provided through face to face organizational building and rebuilding. This is done in the form of workshops, SCRUM, action planning, implementation and evaluation, with the goal of transferring knowledge and skills to organizations to improve their capacity for solving problems and managing future change. Ruzivo helps organisations working in the HIV and AIDS and Gender to mainstream livelihoods, while also providing knowledge of improving their governance. The strategic objectives are there for to:

  1. Help organization identify problems that may interfere with its effectiveness and assess the underlying causes
  2. Help streamline mission, goals, policies, structures and technologies; climate and culture; environmental factors; desired outcomes and readiness to take action.
  3. Design strategic interventions for addressing diagnosed problems are developed.
  4. Engage in action planning process to assess the feasibility of implementing different change strategies that lead to action.

Ruzivo has developed a toolkit for mainstreaming livelihoods (see www.ruzivo…..), that can be used during the sessions, with also pointers of what organisations can do on their own. To back organizational development, we provide cutting edge research for the clients and their issues tailor-made in participatory ways. Therefore primary in our work is promoting organizational learning, knowledge management and transformation of organizational norms and values.

Key areas of our work on organizational development include:

  • Livelihoods mainstreaming into gender and HIV and AIDS,
  • Accountability and cohesion studies for organisations,
  • Skills and capacity assessments,
  • Evaluation of organisations and their programmes and projects,
  • Inter-organisational relations,
  • Enhancing capacities for results-oriented advocacy.

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